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There’s some nasty malware showing up in inboxes right now, disguised as fake receipts and documents, or delivered on web sites from a very fake ‘You must update your… ‘ message. While these have always been a major source of computer attacks, the current batch deserves special prevention and backups. CryptoWall 2.0, CryptoLocker, and other […]

The phone rings, I answer, and manage to start recording right after. The standard LIES are that they’re from Microsoft, and are in the US, and can see viruses in your computer, and can clean them up, and can be trusted, and, on and on–all wrong. The skill level of whoever wrote the script is high enough that they do point to screens that do show information that is sufficiently technical that it looks scary. They take you to the ‘event log’–that’s a list of routine stuff. Not scary unless the computer is already spitting sparks out the front.

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Today’s mail includes a new variation of an existing scam. A simple message, apparently coming from your own email server, reporting the arrival of a fax message. Note that it’s all super-generic; the from address is fax@ (your email domain here), and the return address is (probably random) blopez27@ (your email domain here). The download […]

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On Patch Tuesday of this month, Microsoft sent the last batch of patches to Windows XP users. What does this mean? First, the positive items: XP Activation, needed for re-installing Windows XP, still works. I’ve done it since April 8th, and it is not a problem. Existing patches still download, if they are from AFTER […]

by Jerry Stern CTO, PC410.com A few of my customers have made the mistake of going to Google and searching, for example, for “HP tech phone”, and called the number that showed up. All of them recognized that the phone call was very, very odd, and hung up once the company at the far end […]

Windows 8 has been launched for a few weeks now, and my local customers are asking what their options are, and “Should I buy a Windows 8 computer?” I still sell Windows 7. What to do? Well, 8 is a big maybe. Just about every computer for sale in the chain stores is running Windows […]