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Free Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Chart


Written by Mike Drisgill
Network Specialist, PC410.com
Westminster, Maryland

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is coming in hot with free upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8. Chances are you have gotten quite quick with your operating system and now you have the free upgrade to Windows 10 and need to figure it out all over again. Don’t worry, use PC410’s free download of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to speed up your production. Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of keys on a standard keyboard that enable the user to quickly perform useful tasks without having to move the mouse.

Windows 10 includes many of the old-school keyboard shortcuts we have all come to love and use; however many shortcuts have been added to Windows 10 and we have added them here in our free download to help you learn keyboard shortcuts that were specifically made for Windows 10. These new Windows 10 shortcuts include “snapping”, an organizational multitask style that started in Windows 7 that allowed users to “snap” their window to one side of the screen or another. In Windows 10 you may now snap, using keyboard shortcuts, into quadrants of the screen instead of just left/right.

Windows 10 also features Cortana, your personal assistant living right inside your operating system. The Windows 10 Cortana feature can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts and can be enabled for speaking into a microphone that is either installed or connected to your computer. You may also use the keyboard shortcut to summon Cortana for keyboard input only if you prefer.

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