Windows 11 Free Keyboard Chart Download

Windows 11 includes nearly all of the keyboard shortcuts of earlier versions. A few things have changed, so Microsoft has taken some old shortcuts and changed their meanings. Cortana is gone, but Teams is new in Windows 11, so there are new and removed shortcuts for those features.

The old keyboard shortcuts are still there. These are still the most basic shortcuts: Cut (Ctrl-x), Copy (Ctrl-c), and paste (Ctrl-V). These shortcuts don’t just work in Windows. They work in nearly all programs that work with text or selecting words, files, or images. And Control-Z is UNDO, remember that one–it takes back the last thing you did. It’s the Oops key.

Windows 11 has dictation built-in; the new shortcut for turning it on is Win-H. That means hold down the Windows logo key (bottom-left of the keyboard, usually), and tap H.

Download the keyboard reference chart.
If the chart opens in your browser, and you’d like a PDF to save, right-click on the link, and choose ‘Save Link as…’

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