Web site concept art that is created for only your own web site and your own other uses is possible using AI. Stock art might appear on thousands of sites. And creating your own photographic art can be a multi-day project. AI makes it much easier. It’s not instant, however. AI creates junk faster than it creates art, so working with an AI image tech with decades of experience in photography and publication design and website creation makes the job easier. Call Science Translations for custom AI art that is all your own for your web site and advertising materials.

The best illustrations for your web site aren’t always photos. They’re frequently some combination of ideas that would be very difficult to create as a photograph. The fish with a Trojan soldier helmet was created to illustrate computer email security concepts, as was the Trojan horse. Computer network photos just look like offices or complex connection diagrams, unless combined with something that ties them all together. So a starting point for telling an AI what to create is two things, highly visual, that don’t normally go together in the real world, but do illustrate a concept on a page or a screen. Adding action, something happening in the image, is ideal.

All images on this page are AI-assisted art created by Jerry Stern of Science Translations, in Westminster, Maryland. Some of these are available as stock art on our Dreamstime page.