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Managed IT Services, PC Service and Sales in Central Maryland
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Managed IT Services and Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs, PC Service, and PC Consulting in Carroll County, Maryland

PC410 provides on-site or remote, PC hardware and software integration, installation, and repairs in Carroll County, Maryland and near-by areas, including Baltimore. Custom hardware configurations are available.

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Our Specialties:

  • We’ll be the IT department for your business, or the backup for your in-house IT department.
  • Computer repairs, including hardware diagnostics, software upgrades and configuration fixes.
  • Malware cleanup, including virus removal, adware, ransomware, spyware, worms, and cryptoware.
  • Data backup, including disaster planning.
  • Data recovery, done locally, or when needed, at a clean-room technology partner.
  • Network configuration, monitoring, and upkeep.
  • PC Sales, including finding exactly the options you want, or custom computers, built to do what you need, in any environment.
  • Computer Services Listing

Web Design & Hosting

The world is going mobile, does your site look good on your phone?

This site is mobile-enabled; it adjusts columns and font sizes to keep everything readable on any device–that’s called responsive design.

We can convert your existing website to mobile, or build a new site that works on phones, tablets, and monitors.

Web hosting services are fully managed. We’ll maintain security and backups for your site, and make changes as-needed, all included. Rates vary with the complexity of the site; call for a price quote; most business sites start at $30/month. ALL SITES INCLUDE encryption certificates (‘green padlock’ or SSL), at no additional charge.

Jerry Stern, Technology Consultant
We make house calls, and sometimes, Google takes pictures:
The Google StreetView truck drove by, photographing Rolling Road in Catonsville, just as we were finishing a house call.

We make house calls, and sometimes, Google takes pictures.