Back Up Your Business, Not Your Computer!

There are lots of types of backup software, and not one of them can back up the information, business methods, and operational details of your business. Here's why a copy of ‘My Docs’ doesn’t do the job.

Backups, Now-point-Oh.Oh

You need data backups, possibly nightly. You need image backups, but monthly may be adequate. Here's how they're different.

Business Continuity Basics: Backup Your Communications

After a power failure, I took inventory of how my communications fail. Some redundancy is required, and a periodic review is essential.

Free 3-2-1 Backup Reference Chart

Computer backups have to be redundant and different. Here's why. Different backups protect your computer, your stuff, from different threats. Free infographic.

Free Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Chart

Windows 10 includes many of the old-school keyboard shortcuts from earlier versions.  Additionally, there are new shortcuts in Windows 10. Here's a free keyboard shortcut chart.

Free Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts Chart

Download a free Windows 11 keyboard cheat sheet.  A few things have changed since Windows 10, so Microsoft has taken some old shortcuts and changed their meanings.

How do I maintain my Windows-based computer?

There are only a few things that you have to do as a computer owner to keep it running longer, reduce your repair costs, and avoid malware infections.

How do I salvage data from my Old, Dead, or Infected PC?

I've salvaged data from hundreds of computers. But your computer is different--it has your stuff on it. You can have me search, or you can make a list for me of the programs to move to the new computer, and which ones include data files.

How to be a Computer Mystic

Can you glance at a screen and see that a Windows computer needs updates? Here's how. When programs that have the ability to auto-update can't, they tell you, on-screen, that they have update problems.

How to Look Like a Loser: Malware & Startupware

Here is my top five list of stupid software marketing tricks for software developers: Combine them, and in these days of social networking and website tagging, don’t be surprised if your sites are blacklisted by security companies and your products a...

If All Software was this Good. Or Evil.

Evil software repairs itself when you break it, actively asks on uninstall to please reinstall, and are just far superior in delivery technique to good software. Software developers need to do better.

Infographic: Don't Click That Phish!

Free employee training infographic, "Don't Click That Phish!", from Science Translations, PC Help in Westminster Maryland

My PC had Malware, What's After the Cleanup?

OK, the malware mess is gone. The popups are gone, your computer is running faster than it did when it was new. That's what is included in a malware cleanup if I do it. Elsewhere, ask questions if the job doesn't seem complete.) Right, what's next?

Self-Imposed Doorstops

You can have too much security software, to many programs running at startup, and too much junk installed by the computer vendor.