Remote work setup in Westminster Maryland

Even if you’re not near us in Maryland, we can do a remote repair and fix your slow computer online. We’ll log in and remove adware, fix speed issues, and troubleshoot your problem list. We have a few ways to work remotely:

  • On-demand: We’ll send you to a web page, and have you type in a simple invitation code. Software will be temporarily added that gives us access to your computer, and we can maintain the connection even if a reboot is needed. Once we’re done, we’ll close that session, and the software is removed from your computer automatically.
  • Email: We can send an email with a direct link. After connection, this works just like the on-demand session; it saves opening the browser, going to our web site, and typing the invitation code, and is frequently quicker to get started.
  • Always There: For business offices only, we can provide managed IT services and monitoring. if we’re doing routine repairs and maintenance for your machines, we can set up our remotes to stay available at all times. This works even in special situations, such as when your staff has no administrator rights (can’t change settings or install software).

Are there limits to remote repairs?

Remote repairs work well for a lot of tasks:

  • Adware, malware, and virus cleanups.
  • Settings changes.
  • New user setups.
  • Printer resets, configuration, and sharing fixes.
  • Patch and update installations, and most maintenance. Most patching and updates can be automated, both for Windows and for third-party software, saving you time, and reducing interruptions and ‘reboot now to finish updating’ each product.
  • Diagnostics and checking logs, to see if an on-site visit is needed.
  • Remote backups. If there is an external drive, a network drive, or a cloud backup plan, we can setup a backup, automate it, and monitor it remotely.

Some things we can’t do remotely:

  • Internet fixes, usually. If your computer is offline, we can’t log in. But if the issue is elsewhere in your network, we may still be able to fix the problem remotely from some other PC on your network. This generally applies to accounts where we’re providing managed IT services and monitoring.
  • Hardware, mostly. But we may be able to diagnose a bad part as a remote repair, and then bring a replacement part and install it at your office.