Computer Repairs, PC Service, and Technology Consulting in Carroll County, Maryland

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PC410 provides on-site and remote PC hardware and software integration, installation, managed service plans, and computer repairs in Carroll County, Maryland and near-by areas, including Baltimore. Custom computers built-to-order, or choose from top computer lines, pre-configured with your business’ specialty software.


  • Computer repairs: Hardware upgrades, software patching, and PC tuneups.
  • Technology Consultant: For businesses too small to have on-site PC help, remote computer management and maintenance.
  • Tuneups: Improve speed by turning off un-needed software and checking for malware and installing updates.
  • Data migration: Move all your files, mail, shortcuts, documents, pictures, and more from an old computer to a new one. 
  • Malware cleanup: Virus removal, adware, ransomware, spyware, worms, and cryptoware: Your computers should work for you, not some hacker. Cybersecurity isn’t one program; it’s endpoint protection, system backups, and employee security training.
  • Data recovery: Data copied from damaged computers and bad drives.
  • PC Sales: Authorized dealer for Lenovo and Dell, including finding exactly the options you want, or custom computers, built to do what you need, in any environment.
  • Web Design: Fully-Managed Web Hosting, AI art creation, and design work. Hosting includes updates and off-site backups.
  • Computer Services Listing
Hard drive and file cabinet
Data recovery from spinning hard drives and solid-state technology is available. For older system, solid-state upgrades provide an immediate speed jump.

Latest PC Action Items

  • Windows 11 feature update 23H2 is available now. Get help installing it if it doesn’t offer to upgrade.
  • Windows 10 21H2 ended in June 2023, and all of Windows 10 and Office versions up to 2019 will end October 14th, 2025.
  • There’s a FREE Windows 11 keyboard shortcut chart available to download and print.
  • Windows 11 won’t install on computers from before 2018. But checking to see if it can run on your computer is free; call for help.
  • There’s a new video up: It’s an introduction to recognizing emails and web pages that aren’t safe.
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