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A home page has to load fast; using a complex news page for the starting point for Internet Explorer or Firefox (not to leave out Chrome, Safari, or Opera), means that every time you go to the Internet, you have to wait for all the bits and pieces to load up, and then you go someplace completely different.

So this guy walks into the auto service department to complain about his fancy new auto-driving electric car and its schmancy global positioning system. He says, “It’s wonderful, but every time I start the engine, it makes me drive to Dundalk.”  Salesman: “Yeah, that’s right- -we set it up as the home page.”

OK, not gonna happen this year. Wait for it.

In the meantime, a practical home page has to be quick, and some very basic search tools are handy. For anyone in the Baltimore area, I’ve setup this home page:


There’s a Google search box, and a combination news scroller that includes CNN and WBAL-TV feeds.

To set a home page in any browser, start by going to the page you will use.
In Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Internet Options, and Use current, and click OK. (If the ‘Tools’ menu isn’t visible, tap the ‘alt’ key to show the menus.)

In Firefox, click the top-left Firefox button to reach the menus, then choose Options, Options again, and on the General tab, click ‘Use Current Page’ and OK.

In Chrome, click the wrench icon, then Settings, and next to ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ click on ‘Set pages’, click on ‘Use current pages’ and click OK.


Jerry Stern

Webmaster, PC410.com